‘Toy Story’ screenwriter: ‘Toy Story’ have been never about toys

Woody outside of Pixar’s “Toy Story iPhone 5 case” is one of all Alec Sokolow’s screenwriting creations.

Disney Silicone iPhone 5 Case Toy Story Aliens

Wednesday marks Alec Sokolow’s first go to Raleigh.

Sokolow, the screenwriter at the the likes of “Toy Story iPhone case” and “Garfield: The Movie, ” isn’t the first label that comes to mind when you think about car speakers for tech conferences. He’s not much a software developer or a graphic designer. Your lover sticks to the story, and is served him well, garnishing some sort of Oscar nomination along the way.

But the producers behind the CED Tech Opportunity Conference has him on the calendar Tuesday, alongside the likes of SAS TOP DOG Jim Goodnight and Red Ushanka CEO Jim Whitehurst.

Via confidential conversation, he tells me why much more perfect sense.

“Twice in my career I have personally kind of been at the forefront of all trying to figure out how to tell stories suffering from emerging technology, ” he says. “It’s been a bit of a fascination for me and another that excites me greatly. ”

And it’s why he attacked at the chance to come to Raleigh.

“It’s just a very exciting conversation for a part of, to see what ideas are obtaining thrown around by people, ” he says. “Creativity and storytelling usually existed in consort with technological innovation… The platforms change. The support systems change. But the storytelling holds an essential aspect, I think, of being a major sentient creature. ”

Sokolow was raised wanting to write movies.

“There’s a major technology that has been in existence for women long, ” he says. “It’s all the time modifying itself, but it’s identically basic platform, the same basic support system. ”

Technology breakthroughs, he admits that, change the way you can tell who story.

“It’s almost like a bigger picture, ” he says, using ” Vibrator Story” as an example. “Pixar had definitely specific technological limitations on how may do human flesh, how they may well do hair… We’re stuck being unable to do that, so it leads the story suggesting to into small shiny objects , toys. So then, you’re appreciate, how do we tell that story due to a toy’s point of view. That way, we don not have to go down the corridor of what exactly are the technology can’t do. You observe what it can do. ”

Lauren Ohnesorge covers information technology and entrepreneurship.

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